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1880 Project


A History of Racism at USC & in LA in Partnership with Universities Nationwide:

Yale:  1701 Project  - Northwestern: 1851 Project


Educate yourself about racial issues at USC through a historical lens by reading your peers' insightful analysis


Experience Audio-Theatre pieces about moments in USC's racial history from the "Brick by Brick" production


Explore a repository preserving USC students' analysis, opinions, stories, and reflections on the current moment


History Papers & Projects

History Papers & Projects

The Daily Trojan Project

Exploring moments in USC's history of racial issues as documented by the Daily Trojan

By: Maria Lentz

An Interview with Prof. Kamei

Japanese Americans at USC, Incarceration, and Redress

By: Tommy Nguyen


Visit Professor Susan Kamei's website to get more information about her and her new book, When Can We Go Back to AmericaVoices of Japanese American Incarceration during World War II


Watch the full interview here

[Aeneid Theatre Project]

Aeneid Audio-Theatre


Brick by Brick: An Audio-Theatre Experience

Moments in the USC's history brought vividly to life by the amazing work of the Aeneid Theatre Company. Click on the image to the left to link to the production's website, on the button in the middle for the Spotify link, or listen here through SoundCloud. Of particular note for the themes of the 1880 Project are Parts I-IV. For the full transcript of Brick by Brick, click here.


1880 Project Archive

1880 Project Archive

black_at_usc is an instagram page that accepts anonymous submissions from Black USC students and staff about their lived experiences with racism on campus. This page was created along with similar pages at other universities around the country following the murder of George Floyd and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. The first caption, posted on June 25, 2020, states: “It is no secret that USC has a racism problem . . . USC has acknowledged its problem and vowed to listen to our voices so use this space to share your stories and experiences of being Black at the University of Southern California.”